Silver Line Metro DC

Getting Around Washington

Bus tours in Washington DC provide you with a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience so if you are flying in and need Dulles airport transportation call Abes Limo today! The open deck of a big bus gives you a chance to experience all the beautiful sceneries that the city has to offer. You can relax and sit back while the tour takes you through the iconic landmarks that make America’s Capital, which houses the oval office, so special and distinguishable. While on your way, you can learn many things about the city’s history through the delightful and informative commentary. Besides the bus tours in Washington DC, other forms of transportation exist that will let you get the best of the city.

The Metrobus and Metrorail provide the most convenient means to travel anywhere around Washington DC. This has made the city obtain a global recognition as one of the cleanest and safest cities with efficient transportation systems. The Metrobus extends its services to locations that the Metrorail does not reach. It also runs a number of routes that span throughout the greater Washington DC area that makes it one of the best eco-friendly systems.

Taxi service in Washington DC is also economical and plentiful. In fact, the city boasts of the highest taxi-to-citizen ratios within the entire country, with approximately 6,000 taxis operating all areas in the city. Rental cars provide another option to get in and out of the city. All the major rental companies have opted to have their locations within the city, as well as in airports. Notwithstanding, some visitors love to drive their own cars. Therefore, many hotels around the city have ample parking facilities that allow visitors to find the most convenient places to park their cars.

The other means of transportation that often get rave reviews from visitors and residents is the DC Circulator It is astonishingly affordable and stands at $1 to travel along some five particular routes. The routes have an easy-on, and easy-off access points that are of interest to visitors.

If you were hoping to get a panoramic view of Washington DC, taking a bus tour would give you that stunning experience. You can have a clear glimpse of the dramatic views of the most renowned landmarks situated in the city that include the Washington monument and the White House. You may also want to take some photographs of the most famous landmarks while seated at the upper deck, which gives you a better perspective. All the same, all the other forms of transportation are also worth trying, and your experience will change for the better.