Lounges in the World

Nightlife in the Capital

Known to many as the entertainment capital of the world and sin city, Las Vegas’ nightlife is second to none but some of the Top Lounges in dc are now vegas. The grandeur in which gambling and clubbing that have earned Vegas its numerous titles has been adopted by other cities in an attempt to energize and electrify their residents’ nightlife. The capital, Washington D.C, is no exception. Numerous entertainment spots have been set up all over the city attempting to give their patrons the magic that comes with the night just as if they were in the Nevada desert.

Being a cosmopolitan city, Washington D.C has people from all over the world ranging from diplomats to the local inhabitants, a fact that entertainment spot owners have noted and used to great advantage. As can already be deduced, there are all sorts of clubs including high end exclusive clubs, super clubs, live music clubs, gay/lesbian clubs, adult entertainment clubs, and jazz clubs. With the adoption of Vegas style nightclubs in Washington D.C, there has emerged a clear distinction between the high-end nightclubs and the more generic nightclubs. Starting from the patronage evident in the clubs, to the prices, ambience and type of music played, there is a clear cut difference between these varieties of clubs.

High-end clubs are characterized by VIP treatment, celebrity presence and usually paparazzi taking photos. The main clientele consists of everyone of note in society who has the money, style, class and stardom to get into such a club. They are located in the influential parts of the city and are exclusive to their regulars. Do not be fooled that these clubs are boring, their patrons being wealthy individuals know how to party without considering cost. No matter how expensive the drinks are, they will drink to their fill.

The ambience and exclusivity offered by these establishments again resembles that provided in similar high-end establishments in Vegas. Mostly fitted with lounges, the revelers are guaranteed of security and privacy that cannot be secured in the generic nightclubs which are open to all. The music played is top-notch and the acoustics are engineered to reverb the sound without producing noise. This cannot be said for the generic clubs where loud music is the norm. Due to their ample space, high end clubs provide room for the club-goers to do some dancing without having to overcrowd at a dance floor. Therefore, no matter where you are, be it in the capital or in Sin City itself, the party life can always be enjoyed.