DC Metro, Taxis, and Other Forms Of Transportation

Here’s how to enjoy your Washington DC Tours

It is easy to go around the Washington, DC area using transportation for the masses but Washington DC town car services are available. Since Washington, DC traffic is generally congested and car park services are expensive, commuting through public transportation can be an easy way to travel. Sports, tourist destinations, entertainment, museums and shopping centers are all accessible by mass transportation.

Travelling by subway, bus, or train can be less stressful. It had also proven itself to be more convenient than driving a private car to some places in Washington DC. Here are some of Washington DC’s public transportation systems which you may try if you plan a day out:


Taxis are one of the most convenient ways of getting around Washington, DC. There are hundreds of taxis operating in the capital. You can find them along busy streets. All you have to do is hail a taxi passing by holding out your arm. Depending on their capacity, the taxis generally can accommodate up to five passengers.

They are also affordable when traveling as a group. If time is of the essence to you, then taxis would suit you best. Additional charges may apply if you are carrying luggage. It is also safe to conduct a tour on a taxi.

• Buses

When boarding the bus, check for the destination and route the bus will be taking to avoid confusion and getting lost. Buses offer convenience to anyone seeking an enjoyable travel. They are an affordable option and an easy way to tour Washington DC.

The physically challenged can easily get in and off the buses and pays half the usual charges. Passengers can also enjoy bus-to-rail transfers at a reasonable fee. The buses include the DC Circulator, Metro bus and the National Mall Tour buses. You can access the National Mall, the Union Station, the Convention Center, and other places through any of these buses.


The Washington Metro makes it easy for you to travel to any part of Washington DC. The subway extends to Maryland and Virginia, and is an affordable means of transport. The trains use five different lines so you can confirm which route they will be taking before you board. There is also a point where the lines intersect making it easy for passengers to change trains and travel to their preferable destination.

• Cars

You could rent a car from one of the car hire companies based in Washington DC. If you are visiting, there are a number of agencies at the airport who could get you the best deals. There are also plenty of rental agencies operating from the downtown. Hiring a car would be a preferred option to anyone planning a week-long tour.