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Some Of The Best Cameras For Video Production

With new video production cameras hitting the market every single day, videographers are probably going to be spoilt for choice. However, with every designer trying to design a camera that will stand out from the crowd, the videographers are going to be the final winners. After all, each designer will be trying all their best to refine their products and stay ahead of competition thats why you use the best Live production services Washington DC has to offer. The following are some of the best cameras for video production:

Sony PMW-200
For decades Sony has dominated the electronic industry , and it is no surprise that one of the best cameras for video production is their very own model: the Sony PMW-200. This camera has truly lived up to the hype that accompanied it when it first hit the market.

With the capabilities of shooting both SD and full HD video, there is no way any videographer will not find this camera useful. Coming with a whopping 4 hours of continuous recording time, you will find this video production masterpiece worth checking out. It is relatively lightweight and you will not have any problem carrying it to your friend’s next wedding or your family’s annual group portrait. You will be thrilled with what you can achieve with this video camera.

In this very innovative and every changing field, JVC has also had their presence felt, and coming in the list has to be the JVC GY-HM600 video camera. This camera is well crafted and incredibly laid out. In fact, the design, alone, gives it a more professional look. This camera is able to record 1080/59.41i HD video in AVCHD and MP4.

Additionally, this camera has 23 times more lens power than the Sony model listed above. The designer upped their game and ensured this camera is a step above most others on the market. After all, coming with incredible features such as with signal to noise ratio of 50dB among others, this camera, for sure, can be any videographer’s best friend.

Sony HXR-MC2000U
If you are a newbie when it comes to video production, it is obvious you will be looking for something straightforward and that is easy to use. This video camera is quite easy to use and it will be an excellent choice. Coming with 64 GB in built memory, there is no way you will be limited in your recording storage.

Others striking feature that comes with this camera has to be the ergonomic handle that come fully equipped with zoom control and record button for those breathtaking and low angles shots. Additionally, the ¼ inch sensor will give you nothing but excellent images, as well as enough lighting. Sony HXR-MC2000U is worth checking out if you love taking videos but don’t want to invest in a more professional camera, as it’s very user-friendly.

For more professional video work, there are plenty of live shot studio Washington DC that can help you.

DC Online Marketing

The Best SEO Marketing Firms in Washington DC

Washington DC has some of the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms in the United States. They help so much in enabling businesses to flourish and reach higher ranks on Google, as well as helping their clients gain an advantage over their competitors. The best SEO Digital marketing Agency will use unique ways of marketing that calls for business expansion and growth. In Washington DC, there are various firms that have embraced this unique idea and they look forward to accomplishing their desired goals and targets. Through the process of SEO, websites are optimized and this ensures that by use of a key phrase, you can rank the website high in search engine results and increase the relevance of the website. As a digital marketer, you need to be on the top of your game if you need to enhance your client’s online reputation and ensure that their visibility is consistently maintained on search engines. In Washington DC, some of the top SEO marketing firms include:

Transcended Marketing
Transcended Marketing is an “accelerator marketing agency.” The company can help its clients with SEO, by producing high-quality, non-spam backlinks to websites, as well as video and social media content to ensure that the client has a strong web presence. This can help the client not only with search engine results, but with directly reaching potential customers.

Ephricon Web Marketing
Ephricon is one of the top SEO companies in Washington DC. The company is based in Baltimore; approximately 75% of their clients are located within an hour of DC – that is easy to reach services that extend from Baltimore, Northern Virginia to Maryland. The main focus of this company is on organic search engine optimization and gradual increase in visibility and does not focus on other services like programming thus offering what they do best- SEO.

Blue Water Media
This company has a lot of experience when it comes to SEO marketing; it is regarded as one of the best in Washington DC due to its customer relationship, and offering of unique resources. The company leverages meaningful connection together with other distributors, marketers, search engines, web editors in a meaningful way to benefit the SEO campaign. They are the go-to guys whenever a brand needs to implement a specific marketing campaign or have plans to go aggressive in their marketing and branding initiatives.

Boomer and senior marketing
This company has been on the forefront of improving SEO marketing. It has made meaningful trends and this can always be attributed to the company’s hardworking individuals who always dedicate their time and energy to ensure changes are achieved in the business field and to bring better developments when it comes to SEO marketing. They hire the top coders and marketing specialists and through this combination, deliver quality results.

Silver Line Metro DC

Getting Around Washington

Bus tours in Washington DC provide you with a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience so if you are flying in and need Dulles airport transportation call Abes Limo today! The open deck of a big bus gives you a chance to experience all the beautiful sceneries that the city has to offer. You can relax and sit back while the tour takes you through the iconic landmarks that make America’s Capital, which houses the oval office, so special and distinguishable. While on your way, you can learn many things about the city’s history through the delightful and informative commentary. Besides the bus tours in Washington DC, other forms of transportation exist that will let you get the best of the city.

The Metrobus and Metrorail provide the most convenient means to travel anywhere around Washington DC. This has made the city obtain a global recognition as one of the cleanest and safest cities with efficient transportation systems. The Metrobus extends its services to locations that the Metrorail does not reach. It also runs a number of routes that span throughout the greater Washington DC area that makes it one of the best eco-friendly systems.

Taxi service in Washington DC is also economical and plentiful. In fact, the city boasts of the highest taxi-to-citizen ratios within the entire country, with approximately 6,000 taxis operating all areas in the city. Rental cars provide another option to get in and out of the city. All the major rental companies have opted to have their locations within the city, as well as in airports. Notwithstanding, some visitors love to drive their own cars. Therefore, many hotels around the city have ample parking facilities that allow visitors to find the most convenient places to park their cars.

The other means of transportation that often get rave reviews from visitors and residents is the DC Circulator It is astonishingly affordable and stands at $1 to travel along some five particular routes. The routes have an easy-on, and easy-off access points that are of interest to visitors.

If you were hoping to get a panoramic view of Washington DC, taking a bus tour would give you that stunning experience. You can have a clear glimpse of the dramatic views of the most renowned landmarks situated in the city that include the Washington monument and the White House. You may also want to take some photographs of the most famous landmarks while seated at the upper deck, which gives you a better perspective. All the same, all the other forms of transportation are also worth trying, and your experience will change for the better.

Virtual Offices and Smart Meeting Rooms

Virtual Receptionists Can Save Your Business Money

New DC office space for which businesses are getting started on a relatively small scale & eagerly waiting to make their place in the market and want to test the new market can opt for pre-planned or well-designed office which they can lease for a short period of time. This allows them to “test the waters” without committing to a long term lease, before they are sure if the business is sustainable.

Targeted customer
Not only for new and small businesses, a short term lease is a valuable choice but is also a great idea for well established and well developed businesses, who are trying to get their new product in the market and want to test this new product market can go for short term lease plan.

Some of the very essential and basic priorities of short term office leasing you need to keep in mind are as follows:

1. Business office should be located at a prime spot.

2. A complete professional environment and well-furnished interior is a must.

3. There should be no hidden conditions and terms. Dealing must be transparent enough to satisfy customer and try to fulfill all of the needs and demand mentioned by the customer. It’s very easy to fall prey to hidden clauses which you only realize later.

4. Well managed security within the office premises. A healthy and safe working environment 24/7 plus a 24 hour non-stop working option with availability of complete resources is something that you should ask for.

5. Front desk or the reception must be equipped with complete and resourceful services for upcoming customers. It is your first point of contact with the customers so you shouldn’t take it for granted.

Virtual receptionists
Virtual receptionist calling system must be enabled in such offices. A virtual receptionist is a very delicate automatic tool that gives an option to select for desired option from the given options in phone menu.

It itself start recording as soon the customer dials a call to the virtual receptionist and can hear valuable information required by him by just opting right option.

6. Offices should be well equipped with all types of facilities especially good and smart meeting rooms which are fitted with all types of latest gadgets audio visual system.

So that presentation can be done more conveniently with fewer hurdles and troubleshooting.

7. Offices must have recreational facilities for staff and employees, so that they can relax during free hours or break time and can enjoy and spend some quality time in recreational activities to relax their brains and body.

Virtual and Executive Offices

Virtual Offices are the Future of Telecommuting

Executive Suites DC is the office space you would like to rent over a short period of time between one month and one year. When looking for short term office space solutions, you ought to know exactly how to find it, what your options are and some of the conditions you need to keep in mind when looking for the office spaces. Whatever may be the reason for which you are looking for an office space, you should know that you have many options.

Short term office space would come in many forms, the most common being the leasing or renting a modular office. A modular office could be a permanent or a temporary solution to choose for those that would like an extra office space. They come complete it with heating, cooling, electricity and all the space you need. If you have a room, choose one that you can remain right on your property where all business related activities and employees remain with ease of reach at all times. This is one of the most popular office spaces leased by those who need to get a temporary job done.

Most commuter office spaces should provide serviced offices that are already equipped and furnished with basic needs to get your business running. This would quite be advantageous when you are looking for an office space because you are not able to make a costly investment toward different equipment and furniture. You could also simply not want to settle in an expensive permanent location. Therefore, when looking for a short term office space, look for one that enables you to save on such various expenses. By entering into the short term space, your business will grow or you can secure loans to enable you move to a permanent location. It’s a wise option to opt for but one that requires planning in advance to pre-empt future needs and optimize expenses.

You can find office spaces in various companies, organizations and businesses that offer office spaces in different parts of the world. This will give you less worry in terms of contracts, planning leases and also more flexibility to move up and down different office sizes as your business grows. It will enable you to carry out your work without taking on the burden and hassle of finding, designing and maintaining the office space. Take your decision after analyzing your needs.

DC Metro, Taxis, and Other Forms Of Transportation

Here’s how to enjoy your Washington DC Tours

It is easy to go around the Washington, DC area using transportation for the masses but Washington DC town car services are available. Since Washington, DC traffic is generally congested and car park services are expensive, commuting through public transportation can be an easy way to travel. Sports, tourist destinations, entertainment, museums and shopping centers are all accessible by mass transportation.

Travelling by subway, bus, or train can be less stressful. It had also proven itself to be more convenient than driving a private car to some places in Washington DC. Here are some of Washington DC’s public transportation systems which you may try if you plan a day out:


Taxis are one of the most convenient ways of getting around Washington, DC. There are hundreds of taxis operating in the capital. You can find them along busy streets. All you have to do is hail a taxi passing by holding out your arm. Depending on their capacity, the taxis generally can accommodate up to five passengers.

They are also affordable when traveling as a group. If time is of the essence to you, then taxis would suit you best. Additional charges may apply if you are carrying luggage. It is also safe to conduct a tour on a taxi.

• Buses

When boarding the bus, check for the destination and route the bus will be taking to avoid confusion and getting lost. Buses offer convenience to anyone seeking an enjoyable travel. They are an affordable option and an easy way to tour Washington DC.

The physically challenged can easily get in and off the buses and pays half the usual charges. Passengers can also enjoy bus-to-rail transfers at a reasonable fee. The buses include the DC Circulator, Metro bus and the National Mall Tour buses. You can access the National Mall, the Union Station, the Convention Center, and other places through any of these buses.


The Washington Metro makes it easy for you to travel to any part of Washington DC. The subway extends to Maryland and Virginia, and is an affordable means of transport. The trains use five different lines so you can confirm which route they will be taking before you board. There is also a point where the lines intersect making it easy for passengers to change trains and travel to their preferable destination.

• Cars

You could rent a car from one of the car hire companies based in Washington DC. If you are visiting, there are a number of agencies at the airport who could get you the best deals. There are also plenty of rental agencies operating from the downtown. Hiring a car would be a preferred option to anyone planning a week-long tour.

Airport Ground Travel

Private Transportation to Airport – Convenient, Affordable & Easy

A private transportation service to the airport is one of the most common and reliable mediums of transportation. In the last few years, technological advancements in this industry have allowed people to benefit more from these services. Unfortunately, some people think that private transportation is more unreliable than driving their own cars but the best sedan service Washington DC has to offer trumps you driving any day of the week.

Services like professional taxis, indeed, can offer a lot of benefits to commuters. When you are in a new city with your friends or family, renting a car would not be the most affordable or convenient way to enjoy city attractions and tourist spots.

It would be much better to hire a professional taxi driver. Taxi drivers are familiar with almost every part of the city and, not only take you from one place to another quickly, but also provide a lot of information about must-visit areas and places of interest.

Here are some well-known benefits of hiring a professional taxi service:

• Convenient and Easy Booking

Since most taxi services have their websites, you can easily hire a cab online. You may even hire them through phone calls at their company telephone or mobile phone numbers. You would not have to get stuck in traffic to hire a taxi service. Private transportation to airport will be easier and definitely convenient for you.

In addition to this, you can even sign up for announcements on newsletters to make sure you are always updated about their special deals and discounts. For instance, you may sign up for frequent travels and holidays to get a taxi to the airport. Regular patrons are more often given discounts and special deals from time to time.

• Lower Prices and Saves Time

Hiring a private transportation to the airport also saves a lot of your precious time. Private transportation drivers are well versed with city routes, and thus, makes sure you are not stuck in traffic for long. In addition to this, most taxi services, and other private transportation mediums, can be hired at affordable and reasonable prices.

Even the method of hiring them had become quickly accessible. Private transportation had proven itself to be the most affordable way for airport transfers. Just make sure you conduct an extensive research to choose a well-respected company in hiring private transportation. This is to ensure your safety and that of your belongings from kidnapping or theft. It also prevents you from being overcharged and treated unprofessionally.

Executives Need On-Demand Office Suites

Benefits of short term office leasing solutions

Various companies and organizations are gradually embracing the need to have their offices near commuter train stations so as to enable their employees or work force to easily get their way to work. Getting commuter attorney office space near the metro can be quite a challenging task depending on the availability of buildings around the metro. The number of hours wasted by people who are commuting from their homes to their places of work is too much.

Punctuality to work is thereby affected by this phenomenon and this means loss of working hours for employers. This may end up translating to decline in expected productivity of a company or an organization. One of the best solutions for this problem is to look for a short term office leasing solution that provides the required working spaces at a convenient location that is near a metro.

There has been a rise in the number of companies offering this type of real estate solution. Normal office spaces are usually offered on a permanent basis rather than a temporary one. These special offerings are giving way to the existence of short term or temporary office spaces for businesses and companies that are normally on the move. The solution makes it very easy for workers to get to work from wherever the stay without very much hassle.

Time wasted in commuter stations is no longer an issue when this type of solution is taken up by a business. Working hours are conserved and saved to the last second. The days when people used to wake up very early in order to make it to their work places on time are soon going to be over as soon as commuter office space near metro is fully established and made available.

The benefits are quite tremendous and satisfying to both employers and employees. More and more temporary office spaces are being set up near commuter train stations in many parts of the country. This means that many companies have seen the need to save on time and money wasted in the movement of their workforce.

Short term office leasing can be arranged on daily basis and rent can be paid according to the number of days the subject office space is used. The same deal can be arranged on a monthly basis for companies that tend to settle for longer periods of time. All in all, the commuter office space near metro is the way to go.

Get an Executive Account

Everywhere You Go Using An Executive Car Service Means Business

No matter where your travels take you, nothing compares to using an executive car service and making a big impression wherever you go. Executive car services cater to the needs of business professionals of all types and from all walks of life. Whether you need a luxury car for a three day work conference or simple transportation between your hotel and the local airport terminal, Washington DC Limos are at the ready. If you are in need of something bigger, such as a limousine service or transportation for multiple parties, only executive car services will do. Many a times, executives are in need of such luxury transport vehicles when either their own car is broken down or they need to make a particular impression with the people they’re meeting.

Executive transportation means excellence and business standards that demonstrate themselves, but cater to the elite needs of the travelers. Modern businesses know that getting from one place to another isn’t just important, it’s the highest priority. Showing up in a quality automobile or luxury vehicle is a status symbol, a mark of professionalism, but mainly a way of playing ball with the big boys. Business is won in the boardrooms, but reputations are made within the air conditioned seating of executive cars en route. When you’re at the top, the stakes are so high that every detail matters and owning an executive car is definitely one of them.

Driving across the country or within the limits of a local city, nothing says style like being at the wheel of the right automobile. Whether it’s for an evening, a weekend or a longer road trip, using an executive car service makes good travel sense. As part of most executive vehicles and their corporate service contracts, come considerable amenities not available with typical car rentals. This includes automatic pickup and return chauffeuring, full insurance coverage, complete tow and repair services, as well as executive rates for elite travelers and their employers. Group rates for high end vehicles and limousines are standard, but contingent on the particular executive car service contract specifications. Take traveling seriously by using an executive car service, so that everywhere you go means business.

It’s not just about showing it off but if you are in the mood of a holistic elite travel experience then you should opt for an executive car service and enjoy the ride.

Kobe Eight

Use Kobe Shoelaces To Make A statement

Fancy and attractive black shoe laces can help you in making a vibrant style statement. The youth is already crazy about the colorful sneakers and shoes that they wear to the gym, games, clubs and other casual outings. Those who love to use small and apparently insignificant accessories like shoelaces, go a long way in making an impression! If you are interested in getting colorful and funky Kobe shoelaces, there are a lot of options to choose from. Named after Kobe Bryant of the NBA, these laces and shoes have the fans going into a spur. It a matter of great pride and enthusiasm that makes the basketball enthusiasts line up for a new edition and release, one after another.

The Nike Kobe collection is extremely popular as the color combinations and patterns have the desired effect upon surveyors. There are various Kobe categories that most of you select from.

What Makes The Chaos Edition So Special?
This edition has earned its popularity after Bryant’s team won the NBA in 2009. They are picked up for the versatile look that helps people use and re-use it for playing games as well as clubbing. These shoes are colorful with equally vibrant shoelaces to compliment the look. They come in colors like deep plum with red and orange speckles.

Influence Of The Silver Screen:
The Nike Kobe 5 Dark Knight collection has ignited the passion of all Batman lovers. The shoes have the “dark and dangerous” appeal of the much coveted superhero flick and come in dark and metallic colors of black and gray. The shoes may not be funky and colorful, but are tasteful and stylish enough for you to want to wear them all the time.

The Vibrant Nike Kobe 9 Elite XDR range constitute of the ankle length boot-crossover products have highly textured graphics.
Shoelace styles are influenced by the latest trends, seasonal colors and various other factors. The Nike Kobe 8 What The Kobe Shoes are brilliantly colored and detailed products with graphic and abstract designs. Neon colored or bright laces are also quite popular and liven up the look of the shoes.

No matter whichever range, product or size you want, there is something available for everyone. You simply need to keep your eyes open for the colors and styles that reflect your personality well. Display your sporting spirit and love for style with products from the Kobe collection. Cheap and affordable products can be bought during sale or discount periods.